Based on experiences from nearly 30 years in surgery and pharmaceutical medicine, Dr. Jürs offers tailor-made and individual mentorship programs for professionals from academia or industry. 

Key areas of mentorship include personal development and career planning. Careers indeed can be planned and detailed and precise planning is a key pre-requisite to make sure that objectives are achieved within defined time frames. 

While the main skill in the past for a successful career was the stress-resistant reproduction of knowledge and/or numbers and/or facts, todays managers must additionally be competent in all areas of modern leadership.

This means e.g. to be excellent in motivating and fascinating people and teams, experienced in managing conflict, very good at building up and maintaining network(s) internally as well as externally, dedicated towards life-long learning, courageous in taking decisions, managing well in times of ambiguity, innovative, strategically thinking, and much much more.  

As it is usually not common to find individuals demonstrating all skills by nature it does mean that we all have to work on our skills that are not that well developed. 

As a consequence this does mean that planning a successful career takes all necessary skills needed in the future into consideration at an early point in time and the "weak spots" have been identified. 

Life-long learning will therefore never stop and skills not that strong will not necessarily become our main asset, but they might. 

In case of interest please be so kind to contact Dr. Jürs directly to discuss individual packages.